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Barbara Enright

After graduating with her TAFE certificate in Showcard & Ticketwriting, Barbara Enright began working in Sydney’s early department stores, including Curzons and Buckinghams, and Melbourne’s Myer. Barbara continued her brush-lettering career through the 70s, working with various Grace Bros. stores, and in 1980 the opportunity came along to start her own business, Barbara’s Sign Shop. Services expanded when her husband, Paul, joined the business to offer short-run screenprinting. Throughout the 80s and 90s Barbara’s Sign Shop trained and employed apprentices and experienced ticket writers. Barbara’s passion for the industry became stronger in the 90s when computer signage threatened the commercial applications for hand-lettering. She founded The Ticketwriters’ Club in 1994, and her election as the first female president of the Sign Association of Australia, followed shortly after.

She has been a teacher and mentor throughout her career, offering guidance to other business owners, and teaching ticketwriting and calligraphy at TAFE and community colleges. Having obtained her Fine Arts Diploma in recent years, she now runs regular painting groups and brush lettering workshops.

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Some Work

Barbara Enright Retro Print Revival
Barbara Enright Large Corned Legs
Barbara Enright Caroline Kennon
Barbara Enright Congratulations

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