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You don’t necessarily need to go to school to learn calligraphy, lettering or the business side of things – there’s actually heaps of online courses out there where you can easily learn calligraphy and lettering online by following step-by-step tutorials, or get great tips on how to market yourself from other artists. Videos make it easy to follow because you can pause or rewind whenever you like, which makes this the perfect place to start! Check out the resources below.

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Lettering Workshops with Dirty Bandits

February 23rd, 2016|0 Comments

This March, San Francisco and Brooklyn based lettering artist, sign painter and lover of puns, Annica Lydenberg (aka Dirty Bandits) will be hosting a weekend of type workshops exclusively with Work-Shop Melbourne.

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Brush Lettering with Carla Hackett & Barbara Enright

November 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

Carla Hackett and Barbara Enright have taken on the mission to teach this lost art to anyone willing to listen, seeing the massive comeback of hand-crafted, original designs that simply cannot be created by a machine.

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Mike Meyer to host Workshops and Talks in Sydney & Melbourne

September 18th, 2015|0 Comments

This November, Better Letters is bringing its renowned sign painter Mike Meyer to Work-Shop Sydney and Melbourne for a series of workshops and talks. Meyer is best known for his appearance in the feature film, Sign Painters. He has travelled the world...

Learn Calligraphy

Learn the art of modern calligraphy, starting with the basics of how to hold a nib pen, creating thick and thin lines, warm-up exercises and moving on to the upper- and lowercase alphabet and techniques like using white ink on black paper, taught by Maybelle Imasa.
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Learn Lettering

Learn the art of lettering from legendary Jessica Hische, one letterform at a time. Building off Daily Drop Cap—a project in which she illustrated a decorative letter every day—you’ll design a drop cap of your own, inspired by your favorite book. She takes you through her whole process, from research, to brainstorming, to sketching, to finalising and digitising, plus criticising your own work!
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Matt Vergotis teaches you basic calligraphy and lettering techniques along with logo design execution on the computer. Matt runs you through his tools and live demonstrations, as well as teaching you how to achieve a brushlettering look without the fancy brushpens or years of practise.
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Lauren Hom takes you through 40 minutes of chalk lettering fun and teaches you how to convert small notebook sketches to large-scale lettered murals drawn by hand, adding a unique touch to your home that can be changed anytime you want to. This course is perfect for anyone that happens to have a chalkboard at home, or probably even more for bars, cafes and restaurants that want to show off their menu in style! Or you could go from restaurant to restaurant and letter for lunch, like Lauren did.
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Learn how to create beautiful brush lettering with 12 days of online instructional videos, practice worksheets and more with Carla Hackett and Barbara Enright! Includes resources list for brushes and equipment, over 20 downloadable PDF instructional alphabet guide sheets and more. Definitely worth checking out!
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